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Michael has helped us unlock our potential with customers!
As a result of Customer Relationship Imprinting, and this partnership, our team now finds more ways to achieve 'Relational Velcro' and make our customer's day. 

Harley Davidson
Every business exists to make money and this unique approach to customer service will increase sales and profit at any business!
Michael understands the needs/wants of today's consumer and eloquently describes how the business owner can work towards achieving those goals. 

David Farnum, Carl's Jr. Franchisee of the year and #1 ranked Carl's Jr. in the U.S.
For a sales professional, there is no greater asset than the relationships we build.
Michael's description of a 'Service Architect' hits at the heart of the work leaders throughout an organization do to support this dynamic and internal aspect of business.

Roar Beverages Inc
Michael provides a brand new insight to what triggers a customer's loyalty and profitability. This book is customers for life and money in the bank. 
Everyone thinks of customers in terms of service, satisfaction and loyalty. Those are all byproducts of Customer Relationship Imprinting.

Jeffrey Gitomer, New York Times Best Selling Author

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Losing customers is too expensive. 

Forget about customer loyalty. Instead, unlock the power of customer imprinting! Do you practice the 6 elements that ensure exceptional service without exception? Follow this formula and your customers will follow you!


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