Best-selling author, speaker, consultant, and trainer, Michael Barnett, has helped a variety of organizations make an imprint on their customers, patients, and clients. From healthcare to Harley Davidson Michael has helped organizations realize their service potential by applying his Customer Relationship Imprinting strategies. He has brought a unique perspective to the customer service world that is both refreshing and insightful. 

Michael spent many years working in the advertising and brand world. He saw how the lack of service strategies negatively impacted, not only the brand and ad initiatives, but the trajectory and health of an entire organization. After seeing these significant broken links between brand promises and service deliveries, he began to move his focus into the customer service space.

Michael's background has helped to shape his imprinting approach and it is one of the reasons his service solutions differ from many of his colleagues, as the his approach seeks to integrate an organization's identity, purpose, and mission into the service strategies. This helps to positively impact outcomes for both customers and company culture.

Regardless of organizational size and structure, Michael has found clear commonalities shared by organizations that were delivering exceptional customer experiences. There are 6 distinct practices found at all of these organizations that serve as the foundation for exceptional service. This became the basis for Six-Sided Service; a cohesive customer-centric approach that helps businesses significantly attract acquire and retain more customers.






Organizations that provide exceptional service are executing 6 distinct service practices that are work in tandem to produce what we call, Six-Sided Service. Like a cube that has six sides of equal mass and importance, all 6 practices are equally valuable and needed to deliver exceptional customer service. No exceptions. If an organization is lacking one of these 6 elements, we have found that they are unable to consistently deliver exceptional experiences for their customers, patients, clients, or constituents. Many businesses are delivering 3, 4, or 5 sided service. This is why they never seem to be able to crack the service code and they continue to struggle with both customer and employee attraction, acquisition, and retention. 

Our unique Six-Sided Service model, covers every side of your customer service needs. Six-Sided Service, our Imprinting approach, and our unique service tools, will impact your team and customer outcomes while raising the service acuity of everyone in your organization.

Create, develop, and maximize your organization's customer service strategy with the use of the Six-Sided Service practices.

Let us know how we can serve your team and help you make a lasting imprint on those you serve.


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