Michael Barnett & Six-Sided Service

Michael Barnett, Chief Service Architect, Lead Trainer & President

Michael Barnett is a connector of people and ideas. As a seasoned speaker, trainer, and marketing professional, he spent many years helping businesses develop their brand and advertising initiatives. However, after seeing significant broken links between brand promises and service deliveries, Michael began to move his focus into the customer service space.

As a customer service expert, Michael has brought a unique perspective that is both refreshing and insightful to the customer service world. He has not only added phrases such as “Relational Velcro,” and “Customer Relationship Imprinting,” to the CX lexicon, but he has developed Six-Sided Service; a cohesive customer-centric approach that helps businesses significantly attract acquire and retain more customers through six specific disciplines. 

Michael is the Chief Service Office, lead trainer, and president of SixSidedServices.com, and lives in Southern California with his wife and two daughters. 

Six-Sided service. Providing world-class customer service is the #1 differentiator in your business. Through our research, we have identified the 6 elements needed to deliver exceptional service without exception! We called this approach six-sided service. Like a cube that has six sides of equal mass and importance, your service needs these 6 different service practices. All 6 elements are equally valuable and needed to deliver exceptional customer service. Our unique Six-Sided Service model, covers every side of your customer service needs. We will serve your team by creating, developing and maximizing your customer service opportunities.  We offer a variety of services to assist your team

Do you want to provide exceptional service without exception?