Michael's presentations are challenging, inspiring, educational, and engaging!

As a customer service expert, Michael Barnett has at the ability to connect with your audience and get them thinking about service in a completely different way. He has brought a unique perspective that is both refreshing and insightful to the customer service world. He has developed Six-Sided Service; a cohesive customer-centric approach that helps businesses significantly attract acquire and retain more customers through six specific disciplines. Michael has also¬†added phrases such as ‚ÄúRelational Velcro,‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúCustomer Relationship Imprinting,‚ÄĚ to the CX lexicon.

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Moving your organization from ‚Äėacceptable‚Äô service to exceptional customer experiences.

  • Discover the adjustments that can take your service from average, or 'acceptable,' to exceptional!
  • Begin to see your people, processes, and policies¬†through a new service lense that enables you to recognize service deficiencies, capitalize on service wins, and develop a process that makes your exceptional service repeatable, scalable, and memorable.
  • Client quote: "Stellar presentation! I always thought our service was good...and it was, but good service didn't get us great results. Michael helped our staff to see the difference between our current service and exceptional. More importantly...he gave us a road map to get there!"
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Find a way to make your customer’s day…and make it stick!

  • Learn to apply the first of 6 elements to ensure exceptional service without exception¬†by creating more meaningful interactions¬†with you customer, clients, or patients.
  • Creating great overall outcomes, begins with creating customer experiences that are exceptional.
  • Practical and helpful engagement tools to elevate your customer's experience, create greater customer retention, ¬†and referrals.
  • Client quote: "My staff and I were pleasantly surprised at Michael's insight, and ability to create memorable hooks for us to use on Monday!"
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Customer Relationship Imprinting-the 6 elements to ensure exceptional service without exception 

  • Based on Michael's best-selling book, 'Customer Relationship Imprinting', learn to unlock & activate the 6¬†practices found in every business that delivers exceptional service!
  • Turn customer loyalty into customer imprinting by discovering the methods to attracting, acquiring, and and retaining customers who follow you regardless of circumstances!
  • Client quote: "I'm a believer! At first, I was skeptical¬†about Customer Relationship Imprinting, since I have been taking good care of my clients for decades. But Michael's imprinting strategy really changed the way I think, and my team thinks about customer service. The 6 practices are now helping us deliver a greater level of service in 6 months than I have never seen in my previous 30 yearsl"
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5 service triggers to help your team turn-on the Internal Service Switch."

  • Don't you wish there was a switch you could flip to turn-on customer-centric thinking?
  • Are¬†you having trouble motivating¬†employees¬†be more engaged and customer-centric?
  • If "employees today just don't care," why are there organizations that are attracting, motivating, and retaining a larger percentage of employees than most...even in a post COVID culture?
  • Do you have difficulty ¬†keeping good employees, or getting your service expectations through to your team?
  • Client quote: "Yes!¬†Michael's presentation was inspiring, practical and has given our Executive Team a lot to consider. No more excuses...we are turning-on the service switch. THANK YOU, MICHAEL!"
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To build exceptional service, you need to enlist & empower 'Service Architects' to create lasting positive service outcomes.

  • Who is championing the cause of service at your organization? Give them the tools to create service change!
  • Everything rises and falls because of leadership. Your service efforts needs leaders at every level of your organization to help design and deliver the level of service you know your team is capable of...Service Architects are the key.
  • Client quote: "Thank you, Michael. We have had so many false starts with programs created at the top of our organization. We now have a clear path to immerse our team within every department to be service-minded. Great workshop!"
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MATCH & FUSE. (For Marketing Professionals)

Ignite your customer service by strategically combining your customer service and brand efforts.

  • Discover a strategy to integrate your service and marketing efforts that involve more than Yelp reviews and social media service quotes.
  • Client quote: "As a CMO I am always looking for ways to generate brand awareness and Michael's training helped weave our brand and service together in a way that our customers have become greater brand ambassadors, and our brand promises¬†are being¬†kept!"
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